mass beheadings:Egypt bombs isil targets in Libya

Egypt’s military has said it carried out air strikes against
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant targets in Libya, a day
after the group released a video appearing to show the
beheading of 21 Egyptians there.
In a statement aired on state television, the military said the
attacks were carried out at dawn on Monday.
The attacks focused on ISIL camps, training sites and
weapons storage areas across Egypt’s border in Libya, where
armed groups have thrived amid chaos, the statement said.
“The air strikes hit their targets precisely, and the falcons of
our air forces returned safely to their bases,” the military’s
statement said.
“We affirm that avenging Egyptian blood and retaliating
against criminals and killers is a duty we must carry out.”
Libyan war planes loyal to the official government also took
part in the air strikes, an official said on Monday.
“More air strikes will be carried out today and tomorrow in
coordination with Egypt,” commander Saqer al-Joroushi told
al-Arabiya television.
Fighters pledging allegiance to ISIL released a video on
Sunday purporting to show the killing of 21 Egyptian Coptic
Christians kidnapped in Libya.
The Egyptian government and the Coptic Church confirmed
the authenticity of the footage, which showed the Egyptian
workers, all wearing orange jump suits, being beheaded
near a waterfront said to be located in the Libyan province
of Tripoli.
The men were seized in two attacks in December and
January from the coastal town of Sirte in eastern Libya.


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