three killed as rival cultist clashed in lagos

No fewer than three persons have been killed after two rival
cult groups clashed in the Ijora Badia, Apapa-Iganmu area of
Lagos State.
While one of the victims, identified simply as Jamiu, was hit
with an axe, the two others, Kazeem Ayinde and another,
who has yet-to-be identified, were killed as a reprisal for
Jamiu’s death.
Sources told PUNCH Metro that hoodlums from the White
sand and Railway areas have always been at loggerheads
with those from the Badia community in a supremacy fight.
The two sides were however said to have renewed hostilities
on December 25, 2014, after a fight which left many dead on
both sides. One of the groups reportedly vowed to even the
Our correspondent, during a visit to the area, learnt that
people in the community lived in fear of another imminent
attack after the three men had been killed.
A resident, Adeyemo Ajayi, claimed that Jamiu’s friends from
the Badia community avenged his death.
He said, “Jamiu was a neighbour and I knew him well. We
used to chat, although I sincerely don’t know the job he did.
They came to his house with an axe and hacked him to
“His family does not live around here, so it was policemen
from Ijora Badia that came to take his corpse away.”
Ajayi said Jamiu’s friends were angry after they learnt he
was killed and launched a reprisal on the Railway gang,
leaving two dead.
Another resident, Dayo Olusoji, said it was possible that the
casualty figure was more than three as the hoodlums
sneaked into the houses of targets to kill them.
Olusoji said the cultists usually caught residents unawares,
making it difficult to alert the police.
He said, “They don’t start their fight until around 8pm. Their
fight took a bigger dimension recently when they had a gun
battle with the police and in the course of the exchange,
some of them were killed and the police also lost few of
their men.
“Since that time, they have been counting scores and none
of them is ready to lay down their weapons,” he said.
PUNCH Metro learnt that the police were able to apprehend
some of the suspects on Tuesday.
A resident who begged anonymity, said the police from the
Ijora Badia station, were handicapped in the situation and
could sometimes be overwhelmed by the superior gun
power of the hoodlums.
He pleaded that the authorities should reinforce policemen
responding to emergencies in the area.
“Again, why this has not stopped is because whenever those
people are arrested, the police would grant them bail and
that seemed to have emboldened them to kill more people
since their bail is guaranteed,” he added.
When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos
State Command, Kenneth Nwosu, confirmed the incident.
He said, “Two people were killed. The police are already
investigating the killings.


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