Lagos Prostitute Confesses: “how I Slept With 30 Men Every Day.

If evil could be adequately defined in a story, Asatu’s would
perhaps be a candidate. A background stooped in satanic
secrecy opened the gateway for wickedness of
unimaginable proportions to work through and to her.Initiated at a tender age into a cult thriving on the belief in
animal superiority, Asatu’s private parts were marked for
destruction in a sick ritual. Her parents premature death led
her to seek spiritual help in darker places that only ended
up entangling her deeper in bondage.
An attempt at marriage ended abysmally as the relationship
that spawned two young children ended with her being
thrown onto the streets. Desperate and smarting with
anger, Asatu succombed to the lure of ‘greener pastures’
abroad, following a strange lady to Nigeria.
Upon reaching Nigeria, the lady took her to a witchdoctors
whose charm which promised to restore her marital bliss
ended up killing her estranged husband. Resorting to
prostitution, Asatu roamed the four corners of Nigeria,
sleeping with up to 30 men in a day to fend for herself.
Burdened by her two young children, her willpower was
eventually whittled away to the point where the unthinkable
became feasible – she ‘gave’ out her kids. “I have no ideas
where they are right now,” she confessed to the shocked
congregants at The SCOAN.
Eventually ending up in Lagos on the prostitution trail, the
brothel where she was ‘working’ in was broadcasting an
unusual television station – Emmanuel TV. Upon watching
and learning The SCOAN was located in Lagos, she made the
decision to attend the service last week, tired of her dirty
lifestyle. As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for calmness to
descend upon the congregants in the mass prayer, an
incredible sequence of events unfolded for Asatu! A
shocking, rumbling sensation welled within her stomach
forcing her to her knees. Then, it came out. A disgusting
item wrapped in red thread with a needle interwoven. The
charm she had ingested many years ago in the home of a
spiritualist had been forced out by God’s power!
Since her deliverance, Asatu testified that the terrible
dreams she previously had of dungeons and graveyards
were gone, as was the urge to engage in illicit prostitution.
“Believe in God,” she tearfully advised the sombere
congregation. “Leave evil and give your life to God. Only
God has the final say in everything.”


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