Beyond tourism, Olumo Rock now spiritual haven

The ancient and famous Olumo Rock in Abeokuta, Ogun State is known,
to many, as a tourist centre where thousands of tourists visit regularly.

Although, it is, somewhat, an historic monument which deep roots in the
history of Egbaland, connoting the name of the ancient city, Abeokuta,
meaning, under the rock. The symbols of the rock, to the local indigenes,
are poignant, hence, the yearly sacrifice usually being undertaken by the
worshippers, who are mostly women, living within the cave.
However, the transformation of the rock to a modern tourist centre,
equipped with essential infrastructure to a global status now seems
secondary as experienced by several visitors.
Many recent visitors to Olumo Rock no longer visit for mere relaxation or
to behold the glamour of its beautiful views, rather, they now visit seeking
spiritual help from some traditionalists on the rock.
Daily Times’ visit to the tourist centre, showed that visitors who came for
spiritual reasons outnumbered the fun−seekers, and this prompted a chat
with some of the visitors, who preferred anonymity. They confirmed that
they, actually, visit for spiritual consultation with the traditionalists based
on the recommendations of friends.
The traditionalists, according to some visitors, are versed in history and
various traditional healing methods. Also, an unconfirmed story had it that
the traditionalists, mostly women, are aged between 84yrs and 100 years,
yet one cannot disperse their strong physical health and youthful looks.
According to one of their patrons, he visited the rock to thank them
because “I was told to meet with them when I couldn’t get a job, after
attending many interviews. I’m sure that you won’t expect me to reveal
what they gave me. Anyway, less than three months after my visit, I got a
good job. I’m here to thank you.”


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