Obasanjo – “What I Found Out About Boko Haram”

Obasanjo: “What I found out about Boko Haram”
Former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, has revealed new
facts about Boko Haram, its founder and the insurgents.Obasanjo spoke to eNCA’s Raphael Ambasu in Kenya last
week when he launched his memoir, My Watch. When
asked why his efforts fell short despite being part of the
negotiating team, Obasanjo said, ” I wasn’t negotiating on
behalf of anybody. I decided to find out facts on my own.
After the Boko Haram attacked the UN house in Abuja, I
thought it was getting too far, I wanted to know if there is an
organization, and if there is an organization, what is its
objective? Are they organized? Do they have leaders? What
are their grievances? Are they ready to talk and all that,
which I took up on my own.
“I spoke to the president and said “look can I do this on my
own?”, he said “look you can go and do it” and I thank him
and I went. In fact he said he will give me a plane to go
around. I said “look I don’t want a plane to go around
because if I take a government plane to go around, I
become a government agent and that would be suspect. No
I don’t want the government to give it, so I did it on my own.
The find, Yes, there is an organization, they have leaders,
they have objectives, Sharia is their objective and Sharia
law is not a problem, it is part of our constitution; they have
grievances which nobody seems to be attending to, the
development situation in their area.
“You see how they came about Boko Haram, that’s not the
name they give themselves but their leader before he was
killed in cold blood by the police. Mohammed Yusuf called
in graduates that were with him and said “look bring your
certificates, one who has first class, one who has second
class, upper second class, lower and all that and one who
has masters, so okay with your certificates can you use
them to feed yourself? if you cannot use it to feed yourself,
of what use is it?” So that’s where they got that appellation
Boko Haram. Do they want to talk? At that time they wanted
to talk, they even said they will talk not in Africa and I said
to their proxy but look this is an African problem, it will be
solved on African soil. Do they have leaders? yes they have
leaders. So all things that I found out are reported faithfully
to the authority.”


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