VIDEO: Boko Haram Leader Shekau Says March 28 Election Will Not Hold – WATCH!

Boko Haram sect has released a new video via their twitter
handle and the new video shows the sect’s leader, Abubakar
Shekau speaking in Hausa in front of a blue background
with a visible automatic rifle at his side.“Allah will not leave you to proceed with these elections
even after us, because you are saying that authority is from
people to people, which means that people should rule
each other, but Allah says that the authority is only to him,
only his rule is the one which applies on this land,” he said.
“And finally we say that these elections that you are
planning to do, will not happen in peace, even if that costs
us our lives ,” he added.
The video, which was titled “A message To The Leaders of
the “Disbelievers,”Shekau also had a few words for
neighbouring countries that have been trying to fight
against them:
“You are claiming that we don’t know how to fight, but we
forced your forces to flee from their bases and we freed our
imprisoned brothers from the prisons that you oppressed
them in, only praise be to Allah.”


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