Don’t let my mother know, policeman shot at APC rally begs

One of the policemen shot at the governorship rally of All
Progressives Congress, APC, at Okrika, Rivers State, last
Tuesday, pleaded with newsmen, yesterday, not tolet his
mother know he was among the casualties.

He said: “I cannot talk to the press; I do not want my mother
to see it in the papers that I was among those shot. She
might just die.”
Three policemen and a civilian, who gave his name as Fred
Ebe, a fisherman, were those at the orthopaedic ward of
Braithwaite Memorial Hospital, BMH, when Vanguard
visited yesterday.
Some members of the medical team of All Progressives
Congress, APC, who spoke on condition of anonymity at the
hospital, said about 28 casualties were admitted, adding
that five were for bullet injuries.
The team said about five were policemen, and that one of
them died on the day of the attack, adding that the other 23
were visiting the hospital for treatment.
Meanwhile, state chairman of APC, Dr. Davies Ikanya, has
said the party would still hold its governorship campaign
rally at Okrika.
The disrupted Tuesday rally was the third time the party
had made efforts to hold its governorship campaign in
He said: “The first time, unknown persons invaded the
venue, while the place was being set up for the rally. They
destroyed everything in sight, a situation that made the
police to advise the party to cancel the rally.
“They could not get Police nod to hold the rally when they
made two other efforts as the Police advised them against
Chairman of the party, Dr Ibiama, said the party would still
take its message of hope to the people of Okrika.
He said: “APC will still organize its campaign at Okrika. We
cannot be intimidated because Okrika is part of Rivers State.
If Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, can campaign in Okrika,
why can’t APC campaign in Okrika?
“We have signed two different peace accords with PDP.
Sadly, PDP has violated all known agreements. PDP is not fit
to ask anybody to vote for its candidates. PDP attacked our
members a day after we signed the first peace accord.”


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