Paedophile Music Teacher Lured Girls to Sound Proof Room and Raped Them

Philip Pickett, who taught at a top school once attended by
stars such as Orlando Bloom and Daniel Craig, has been
jailed for 11 year for luring schoolgirls into sound-proof
rooms so he could rape them.Philip Pickett, from Oxfordshire, was found guilty at the Old
Bailey of two rapes and two indecent assaults on victims
between 1979 and 1983.
The 64-year-old taught for 25 years at Guildhall School of
Music and Drama in London

The court heard how Pickett lured vulnerable pupils into
practice rooms where no one would hear their screams as
he shut the door, turned out the light and assaulted them.
The first victim, who was 16 at the time of the attack,
reported Pickett to officers in Suffolk, who referred the
complaint to the City of London Police.
She went to the Guildhall School in 1978 as a sixth-form
student to learn the recorder with Pickett.
During a lesson he asked her to take her top off, suggesting
she needed to work on her breathing, then ordered her to
lie on the floor where he indecently assaulted her.
In a lesson the following week, she was raped by Pickett.
Afterwards, the victim told her mother she did not want to
have lessons again.
After Pickett was arrested over the 1978 assault in August
2013, more women came forward, resulting in charges
related to two more victims who were 21 and 17 at the time.
The 17-year-old woman told her parents of the attack, and
they wrote to her school.
After taking a significant length of time to respond, the
school said it had not received any other complaints about
Pickett and suggested their daughter study elsewhere.
After he was convicted on February 10, Pickett’s defence
team tried to delay sentencing to accommodate Pickett’s
commitment to arranging three music festivals.
But Judge Wide rejected it, saying the defendant had his
“head in the sand” and carried on as if nothing had


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